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We raise Tennessee Walking Horses, Spotted Saddle Horses (SSH), Shire Sporthorses, and miniature donkeys near Augusta, Georgia. Since we don't use frames in our website, underlined text serves as hypertext. Just click on the underlined text to get more information on that subject.

All our Tennessee Walking Horse mares are blood typed and registered.

Click here for our stallions.

Got Them Blues, trail pleasure gelding

Walking Horses and Spotted Saddle Horses are famous for their smooth gaits and even dispositions. The running walk is an inherited, four-beat lateral gait in which the hind foot on each side hits the ground just before the forefoot, overstepping its track by 6 to 15 inches. The horse’s head nods, the ears may flop, and the tail swings side to side while it walks. Instead of an up-and-down bounce as a trotting horse produces, the walking horse gives its rider a comfortable, slight side-to-side movement. The Tennessee Walker can maintain a speed of 6 mph over long distances at a flat walk and 15 mph at a running walk. This horse also has a normal walk, sometimes called a "dog walk", and a rocking-horse-like canter. All three gaits, the flat walk, running walk, and canter, are extremely smooth. Not only are Walkers wonderful pleasure and trail horses but all categories of horse and rider are found in the show ring. Children under the age of eleven and adults over sixty and every age in between compete on these wonderful animals.

The horses are shown at halter, under saddle in many diverse styles, including equitation, and at harness. The Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitor's Association offers free literature, and excellent video tapes for sale that illustrate the natural abilities and gaits of the Tennessee Walker.


Our Horses

Magic Hollow Farms is pleased to present show quality weanlings, yearlings, 2-year olds and mares Our Horses.

Chase The Sun, yearling colt by The Spirit Of Beam. ***SOLD***

The Last Hero, by Namron's Man Of War

Spring 2002 TWH colt by Pusher's Fine Art and Pride's John Grey mare.***SOLD***

We have a beautiful 17h. grey Shire/Thoroughbred stallion, Revere, started under saddle.

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For tips on pregnant mare care, go to our Mare Care page.

If you would like to meet our energetic staff, without whom we would be lost, click on Our Staff.

Our philosophy of responsiblity for what we produce includes strong opposition to live horse slaughter for human consumption. Please follow this link to find out why this should never be an alternative way to dispose of a horse and why America needs to pass a federal law banning live horse slaughter and the export of horses for that purpose: Turning A Blind Eye. For well documented, factual information about why we do not need live horse slaughter in America, check out Kaufman, TX, a very good site created by Mary Nash, a woman who lived near one of the horse slaughterhouses in Texas. For those of you that want to help with the campaign to protect our horses, check out Just Say Whoa!.

Check out our links below. One of my favorites is Walkers West.
You can listen to music while you visit with the ghosts of many great foundation horses. This site is truly a plethora of information, and a lot of fun! Be sure not to miss this one!

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